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  Lesson 3: What 'being useful' means (and why it's important)

Hey – great to see you again.

If you’ve completed the last two challenges – you’re really on a roll!

You’ve already decided what kind of content producer you are and already found your reason for blogging.

This is a huge achievement.

It means that you have started off in the right direction and that’s really important because it means you’re more likely to continue in the long term.

Now, we’re ready to continue.

Right, I mentioned that in this lesson you’re going to learn about the 1st golden rule of blogging and content creation and that is to be useful.

If you genuinely want to develop content that will be of interest and grow your audience you should be useful at all times.

Now ‘being useful’ sounds pretty boring doesn’t it.

Like a big bag of yawns.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Being useful means creating content that your audiences will love and will interest them. It means that your writing must achieve one (or more) of four things.

It must:



interest, or

delight your audience in some way.

So now, it's time to move to your next challenge.

You’re going to find out what being useful means to you and your audience.

After that, you’re going to start thinking about your ideal reader and what interests them.

See you soon.